Renewable Energy

External All-In One Solar LED Street and Public Area Lighting System

Aus Africa Import-Export 85 PTY LTD has recently been appointed a GOLD distributor for the revolutionary External All‐in‐One Solar LED Street and Public Area Lighting System.

We distribute a product that is suitable for a wide range of commercial, government and domestic applications. Our external lights guarantee measurable results and a positive impact on your energy usage and carbon footprint. Current external lights, such as street lights (MV or HPS) or car park and or compound lighting are the largest source of energy consumption under a municipality’s direct control & account for up to 40% of electricity consumed by municipalities.

We have the solution:

External All‐in‐One Solar LED Street and Public Area Lighting System!

The External All‐in‐One Solar LED Lighting System is manufactured and conforms to IS09001:2000 (Quality Management System), SGS IS014001 environment certification and OHSAS 18001 health system certification. All products have passed CE, FCC, ROHS and IP65 certification. Part of the product range also achieved UL and TUV quality certification.


  • Operates without any mains power or secondary cabling
  • Can be pole mounted or flat wall mounted
  • Safe and Easy to install
  • Save on Electricity
  • Save on Installation Costs (No Digging, No Cables and No Electrical Connection Required)
  • Reduce Carbon Emissions
  • Reduce Global Warming
  • Operate on Green, Clean, Free Renewable Energy – The Sun!


  • Urban Roads
  • Highways
  • Rural Roads
  • Village Roads
  • Residential & Commercial Estates
  • Factories
  • Schools
  • Public Areas
  • Security Lights
  • Sports Field
  • Lights for Perimeter Fencing
  • Parking Areas
  • Tourism: Lodges, Animal Watering Holes
  • Parks and Gardens
  • Farms
  • Bicycle and Running Tracks as well as any other external application that requires a stand-alone lighting system.


  • 8 W PIR Sensor Mode
  • 12 W PIR Sensor Mode
  • 20 W PIR Sensor Mode
  • 30 W PIR Sensor Mode
  • 40 W PIR Sensor Mode
  • 60 W Timing Mode
  • 80 W Timing Mode